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The 5 Best Product Management Books For Every Product Person In 2021

No matter where you are in your career, every product manager should be learning to level up their career. Product Management is a field of constant learning after all. One of the easiest ways to keep your skills sharp is to consume the best product management books available. The field is constantly changing. The best books available last year may not reflect the evolution of the field. Many of the core tenants and concepts of product management stay the same but there are constantly new ways of doing product management. 5 Best Product Management Books For Beginners If you are

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5 Paths To Land Entry Level Product Manager Jobs
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5 Paths To Land Entry Level Product Manager Jobs

Breaking into the product management field is hard. Because most entry-level product manager jobs require either a degree or some experience in the field. But that just means you have to create your own path. There is no single path to your first product manager job. Each person enters the field differently. Here are 5 ways to land entry level product manager jobs None of these paths are easy or quick. Each has pros and cons. Path 1: Obtain a degree and learn product management A degree is not strictly required to work in product management. A degree can help

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The Definitive Guide To Remote Product Management

Product management is a hard enough job when working in an office. But holding a product management job on a remote team makes the job even more difficult. Many remote product management teams are learning to adapt to the new realities of full-time remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide breaks down how to set up remote product management teams for success. What does a remote product manager do? Everything that a product manager working in the office would do. The responsibilities are the same with an added level of complexity of maintaining close collaboration with stakeholders

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